Dia Mundial de Luta contra a Sida


Por ocasião do dia Internacional da luta contra o SIDA que ontem se assinalou a ONG FOCOA – Amigos das Crianças de Angola “Friends of the Children of Angola”, representada pela sua Vice-Presidente Tchizé dos Santos, fez a entrega ao Hospital Pediátrico de Luanda, representado no acto pelo seu Director, Dr. Bernardino, de um cheque no valor de 52.000 USD.

Os fundos resultantes da venda de DVDs e CDs, do espectáculo Enlace, produzido gratuitamente no ano passado pela TV Globo, numa co-produção de Tchizé dos Santos, onde participaram vários artistas brasileiros e angolanos de renome, foram entregues a unidade hospital de Luanda, numa cerimónia onde foi igualmente doado um computador com acesso a Internet e uma impressora.

A ONG Focoa com sede na Virgínia, nos Estados Unidos da América.

Foto: Representantes do Hospital Pediátrico e Membros do FOCOA



- On Behalf of FOCOA' s members, its President sent a thankfull letter to the Minister of Justice for the support to the approval of the legislation allowing poor parents to register themselves free of charges. This legislation was needed, because eventhough the legislation already allowed the children registration free of charges, if their parents could not to do the same, the family did'nt  count formaly , neither for the census, nor for to the school regisration, or to get a job. During Christmas , the President of FOCOA sent food to Kwando Kubango ( through her Law School Group) and gave second hand toys to the street children at the " Baixa de Luanda", sleeping inside of the drains. 


  • On behalf of FOCOA ' s members, one letter was send to the Minister of Justice requesting its support to  introduce a draft proposal of legislation allowig the poor and displaced parents to register themselves free of charges. 24 families were helped with their registration. 


  • During Christmas second hand toys were donated to the street children at Largo Primeiro de Maio in Luanda


1. FOCOA began a medical support only for the street children without family,  with the sponsorhip of :

Dr. Augusta Leonel, gynecologist
Dr. Natalia Carvalho,  psychiatrist
Dr. Egidio Mendonça, dentist
Clínica de  exames clínicos no Largo de Cambambe.

2.  After contacting the suitable Angolan Authorities it was a fact that the system of registration of children by the Ministry of Justice has improved. However, the registration process still shows many deficiencies.   Children registration in the maternities had not been initiated.

FOCOA’s main goal remains the registration of all Angolan children.


1. As lawyer, FOCOA 's President began a campaign to help displaced  parents without their civil registration to register themselves,  in order to register their children that were out of the school system. 
It was possible to help 15 families. 

2. One of our board members, Welwitschea dos Santos (Tshize), organized in Luanda-Angola a gala for young female students, in which the outstanding students were awarded with gifts donated by the Angolan Companies.  Handicapped students were encouraged to participate in the event. 

Outfits were given by stylists to be presented by the attendees.  In addition, Angolan hairdressers did the attendees's hair.  The first place was awarded to a young legally blind girl that was by chance also a winner of the Angolan Paralympics. 

No money was collected because each of the participants contributed for all the items used in the gala.

3. During Christmas, second hand toys, sodas and cookies were distributed to the Mussulo Island kids in Luanda province. Sodas and cokies were member donations. 


1. On behalf of FOCOA ' s members, its President  wrote one  letter to the Ministry of Justice and another one to the Human Rights Commission of the Angolan National Assembly, reminding the urgent need of supporting the aproval of the  legislation allowing the children registration up 18 years old, free of charges. 

2. Second hand clothes , books,  toys, sodas and cookies where colected and its distribution was made for FOCOA' s members to the street children in Luanda during Christmas. Sodas and cokies were member donations.


1. A machine to clean the water in the rivers, to became the dirty water in potable water , with a real price of $ 120,000.00  and NGO price of 
 $ 40,000.00, donated by the Canadian Company ... was donated to FESA to support the community project in Catete.


6210 Homespun Lane, Falls Church, Va. 22044 – USA

Tel.: (703) 237 – 7468  *  Fax.: (703) 237 – 7467

Comments to the “Report of Activities”

The Chair observed that the Report of Activities 2004 / 2005 did not mentioned that when the “Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” outbreak in April 2005 in Angola, in answer to a cry for help from the Angolan Government, FOCOA requested and got the help from the NGO “The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles Worldwide Humanitarian Service”. This organization sent three (3) containers with Medical supplies to help on the war against the Marburg virus; one from Zurich – Switzerland and two (2) from Prague, Czezk Republic which were sent to Angola on flight BA077 of British Airways and delivered to H.E. José Van-Dunem the Minister of Health for the Program Against the Marburg Virus.

The members present approved the Report of Activities 2004 / 2005 with the correction presented by the Chair.


  1. The Chair proposed and the Vice-President Hamilton Costa seconded that Certificates of  Appreciation for the year 2004/2005 be awarded to Welwitschea dos Santos, Maria-Albertina Veiga-Fajardo, Hamilton Costa, Tomás Veiga, Sérgio Neto and Natália Espírito Santo de Carvalho and the Annual Award 2005 be awarded to José Eduardo dos Santos,  in special recognition of support and contribution to FOCOA – Friends of the Children of Angola projects.
  2. The member of the Board Christine Warnke presented a proposal for next year (2006) for having a ceremony for recognition of the awardees, which was seconded by Mr. Hamilton Costa and approved by the remaining members. Ms. Christine Warnke is to set the date and a venue for the ceremony at no cost to FOCOA.
  3. The Vice-President Hamilton Costa brought to the attention of the members a program from BBC saying that an Angolan in England was accused of torturing a child who was being accused of possibly practicing witchcraft (feitiçaria).

 The Chair of the Board suggested and the other members agreed that

FOCOA only should interview in specific and reliable cases.

With no other matters to discuss, the meeting adjourned @ 2:15 p.m.











Marburg Medical Supplies

The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles worldwide humanitarian service


José Van-Dunem
Minister of  Health
Programme against Marburg Virus


British Airways










2/ 120x80/128

Medical Supplies/ Surgical Gown Gloves, Face Marks

The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles worldwide humanitarian service José Van-Dunem
Minister of  Health
Programme against Marburg Virus


British Airways



Netinho de Paula

"Welwitschea dos Santos (Tchizé), Member of the Board of Directors for FOCOA, during the presentation to the " Centro Infantil Mamã Muxima " of the donation of USD 10.000.00 (ten thousand dollars), as a result of the musical show at Karl Marx Cinema, given by the Brasilian singer Netinho de Paula in Luanda , on  December, 3, 2004,  through the NGO "Causa Solidária". 

The famous Brasilian singer and RECORD TV talk show host Netinho de Paula, was invited   by Tchizé dos Santos, who organized the show.


Sri Chinmoy, Mentor and Founder of the NGO "The Oneness -Heart -Tears and Smiles" receives the FOCOA's 2004 Award Certificate from Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, Under Secretary General of United Nations and Special Adviser of the Secretary General Kofi Annan for Africa and from the President of "FOCOA", Maria Luísa Abrantes. Sry Chinmoy and his students sent more USD 9 million dollars donations to Angolan children. The donations were received by NGOs and governmental institututions.


(Projecto de Ajuda Humanitária para Angola)

The oneness –Heart- Tears and smiles and FOCOA

Total Value of –combined Shipments in –excess of $ 2,300,000 USD










40 Foot

P&O Nedlloyd

PONU 129105-6-42G1 booking #8750283

Natalia de Carvalho - Minister of Health



United States

40 Foot

Berklay Cargo Services


To Maersk Angola LDA

Rotary Club of Luanda Natalia de Carvalho Deputy Minister of Health Cell: 244 951 0986 Hm: 2442322237




40 Foot

GCNU 402378-0

Seal #789584

Ref# 02121105301

b/I # HAMLADC50240012

ATT: Coordenador da Comissão Conjunta




40 Foot

Trans World Cargo

International Spedition

WCTU 424.446-0

Feed the Children, Sr. Antonio Sozinho

Tel: 2442 352351 / 325874 / 322753

Cell: 244 9150 4193




2 x 20 Foot

Maersk Sealand

GATU0334922 ML-JP1545626

MARU734470 ML-JP1525454

Booking# OSAE45330

B/I # OSAE45330

Rede Mulher/ Angola Emilia Fernandes

Tel/fax: 2442 449513




40 Foot

OT Africa Line

SCZU5532712 seal# 21624

Booking # TO8697LH

B/I # MO0391 

Minister of Social Reintegration



----- 2002 -----

(Projecto de Ajuda Humanitária para Angola)

The oneness –Heart- Tears and smiles
Valor dos donativos : mais de $ 2,300,000 USD











20 Pés

P&O Nedlloyd

PONU 073084-822G1

B/L # PONLBNE 15000265

REF # 8750255

Rede Mulher/Angola Emília Fernandes

Tel/Fax: 2442 449 513



Nova Zelandia

20 Pés

P&O Nedlloyd Canterbury PONU 0175391 122 G1

Rede Mulher/Angola Emília Fernandes

Tel/Fax: 2442 449 513



Estados Unidos

20 Pés

Pinto Trading Co. 1 PONU 079297-9

seal # 0657

Rede Mulher/Angola Emília Fernandes

Tel/Fax: 2442 449 513



Reino Unido

20 Pés

OT Africa Line Limited TOLU 3203261 B000080

b/I # LU 001


Feed The Children Sr. António Sózinho

Tel: 2442 352 351 Mob: 244 9150 4193




20 Pés

Gebruder Weiss – Áustria CLHU 255.060-4

Coordenador da comissão conjunta

Luanda - Angola




40 Pés

Schenker MAEU 622.6625

Coordenador da comissão conjunta

Luanda - Angola




2 x 20 Pés

Nile Dutch Africa Line TRLU 276257-4

Seal # 0006572114179

& TOLU 323692-2

Seal # 0006579114197

Caritas Missão Católica Padre Schlauri



Voluntários Americanos do projecto "Angolan Humanitarian Aid" em New York em Novembro de 2002, com a fundadora do FOCOA e "Chairperson of the board of Directors" Maria Luísa Abrantes (ao centro)

The The Oneness-Family School has a long history of community and world service activities. This year the students supported the UNICEF Polio Project and the Angola Project.

The peace Arbor (6-9 years old) hold the Kids' kits they made for the children of Angola.


Coronel Luísa Gravlin, member of Board of Advisers of "The Friends of the Children of Angola", researcher at N.I.H., working in a project for children in Angola, when receiving the award for tiphoid fever.

----- 2003 -----

Certificado de Doação
(Donations Certificate) 

Organização Doadora (Donour Group): Nothilfe International, Axel Gressenich
Street address: Lumbergerstr. 19
Postal address: Lumbergerstr. 19, 85221 Dachau - Germany
Telephone: +49-8131 / 56 59-40 +49-8131 / 52670
Fax:  +49-8131 / 86748

Organização Recipiente (Receiving Organization)

UTCAH Unidade Técnica de Coordenação de Ajuda Humanitária

A/C: Sr. Pedro Walipi Calenda, Rua Almirante Manuel Van-Dunnen, n.º 324 / 6 Luanda, Angola
phone +244-91 510 690 fax +244 3801

Detalhes sobre Transporte (Shipping Details

Shipping company: Grimaldi Lines
Port of Loading: Hamburg
Voyage number: GAM 0403
Ocean Vessel: Grande America
Container Nos: GCNU 401 636-9
Seal No: 859 959
Date of Departure in Hamburg: 29 April
Date of arrival in Luanda: 26 May

1 – Resumo dos Itens (Summary of Container Contents)
Charity Goods, Humanitarian Aid only
Pharmaceuticals: Acetylsalicylic Acid, Ciprofloxacin, Arnoxixillin, Ampicillin 20 pallets (Pallet No 11 taken apart in 30 bags / Pallet No 17 taken apart in 15 bags / Pallet No 19 taken apart in 90 boxes), 78 boxes, 5 bags of rice, 16 hospital beds.

Valor Total dos itens Doados (Total Shipment Value)
Value: 9,747 USD


2 – Resumo dos Itens - (Summary of Container Contents) – (Same Origin)
Medicine, clothes, toys, 451 Kids – for Kids packages (from School Children)

Valor Total dos Itens Doados (Total Shipment Values)
Value : 40,000 USD

  The "Angolan Humanitarian Project" Caxito city, February 2003  

Mr. Sozinho President of NGO "Feed of the Children" with Mr. Arshival from the "Angolan Humanitarian Project" and the priest of Caxito city, in February 2003

  Children of a church in Caxito city, receiving assistance from Angolan Humanitarian Project through feed the children in February 2003   Mr. Sozinho from the NGO "Feed the Children" in a school for displaced children in Caxito assisted by the "Angolan Humanitarian Project", in February 2003
  Children of Caxito city and their parents receiving blankes, clothing and food through NGO "Feed the Children", in February 2003   With the Angolan Humanitarian Project, THE NGO "Divina Providência" in "Bairro do Golfe" - Luanda, distributed clothes and food for babies and their parents, in March 2003
  The Angolan Humanitarian Project Provided school supplies andd toys for the "Divina Providência" students, in "Bairro do Golfe" - Luanda, in March 2003   The children of the "Divina Providência" Kindgarden in "Bairro do Golfe" - Luanda, received assistance from the Angolan Humanitarian Project in March 2003

International Highlights

United States Sri Chinmoy Centres have sent 7 tons or 14.000 pounds of high potency vitamins worth more than $. 6 million, along with 8 pallets of medical and surgical supplies. Other items sent include medical supplies, 1700 new toys, English books, children’s clothing and thousands of eyeglasses. Another sea container with building supplies and agricultural tools will be sent from New York in April.

Austria has sent 1500 Pbs of pharmaceutical medicines and also two new ultrasound machines by air. The ultrasound manufacturer has sent technicians to Angola for installation and training of local medical technicians. An additional 30 tons of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and food have been sent by sea.

Switzerland has sent antibiotics, food and clothing. Once the sea containers are received and the goods are unpacked, the containers are sent back to Switzerland and re-filled.

Canada a major medical magazine, Doctor’s Review, is will soon carry a large article about the Angolan Humanitarian aid project and sent back to thousands of doctors across Canada. We have been working closely with Ambassador Miguel Nzau Puna of Angola to Canada who was the consignee for one double (40-foot) container which we sent to Angola, as well as responsible for sending two more double countainers on his own filled with supplies we had collected. (Kindly see Appendix C, the Ambassador’s very kind and glowing letter of credentials for our Canadian participants).

Japan has sent 20 tons (40.000 pounds) of clothing! A third countainer has been promised.

Iceland has been very active in giving talks on Angola’s humanitarian crisis and needs at several universities. They have filled half a 40 containers with medical supplies and other goods and are now collecting agricultural and building tools

New Zealand has sent a 20 container filled with eye glasses, wheelchairs, rehab equipment, pharmaceuticals and clothes. DHL has sent free of charge a large shipment of antibiotics and multivitamins. A second 20-foot sea container is packed and ready to leave New Zealand for Angola. It is full of food, clothing, medical supplies and hundreds of toys and school kits.

Thousands of New Zealand children have given kits for the Angolan children.

(kindly) see appendix F.)

Australia sent a 20’ container with hospital beds, wheelchairs other medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and clothing. They have 4600 pounds (2.3 tons) of high quality protein powder which will be included in the next shipment, as well as costly operating room equipment.

United Kingdom is working with schools in London to create children’s kits for the Children’s Blossoming Friendship Programme. One 20’ sea container with the kits., children’s clothing, new running shoes and medical goods has been sent.

France Angola Airlines sent free of charge in October 1000 kg of humanitarian supplies from Paris to Luanda. Angola Airlines is shipping the same amount each month. Another air shipment is ready to be sent.

Germany sent a 40’ container in November. Another 40 – foot sea container is loaded and ready to ship, with 30 pallets of food, along with pharmaceuticals, clothing and medical supplies.

Italy has an air cargo shipment ready with several boxes of pharmaceuticals to Angola via Angola Airlines.

Netherlands has collected aid to fill a 20-foot sea container, including 6 large heart monitors, many eyeglasses, medical supplies and clothing.

Yugoslavia has an air shipment planned with 300 boxes of medications and powdered electrolytes.

Finland has collected a large amount of clothing. The aid for 20’ container, which they have collected with Finland, is ready to be sent.

Brazil has been assisting greatly in communications and liaisoning  with organizations in Angola. Their send-a-book campaign is an extremely innovative programme in which thousands of students in hundreds of classrooms across Brazil are each donating at least one school book in Portuguese for their Angolan brothers and sisters. 



"In December 2000 , the famous singer  Bonga , participated in a Christmas party organized by FOCOA at one of the orfanages located at Boavista , Luanda that belongs to the NGO " Cassulinhas do Maculusso"